How is Teenage Pregnancy a Multicultural Issue?

Being a culturally relevant teacher is important when referring to teenage pregnancy. In Dr. Pang’s book, “Multicultural Education” Teachers must be Cultural Mediators, who in situations where behaviors and values of children conflict with mainstream expectations. Being teachers we must address the issues of teenage pregnancy within our classrooms as well as address the students who are at the most risk of becoming a teenage mother.
Also the teacher must teach the students the three levels of culture which will help them answer some of the questions relating to their paper assignment. In Dr. Pang’s book, “Multicultural Education” she discusses the Three Major Levels of Culture; 1. Layer one- Language, Symbols, and Artifacts. Layer Two- Customs, Practices, Family Behaviors, Community roles, and Gender roles. Layer Three- Shared Values, religious values, and expectations. This is important because the student can understand why in certain cultures it is perceived as “okay” to have a child in their teens due to cultural differences. For example in some religions it is abstinence they teach until the girl is married and contraceptives are not an option. This could be a conclusion a student finds.

Assignments on Teaching about Teenage Pregnancy in a Muliticultural Classroom.

This first assignment is designed to get all of the students on one page about the issue of teenage prenancy. This assignnment will give the students a general idea of how much a child costs in the first year of birth, the student will be assigned to do a project listed below. The purpose of this assignment is to take all the glitz and glamour out of having a bay. The majority of teenagers to not have a grasp on money because they do not have a job and their parents provide most of their necessities.

Assignment One: Calculating how much a baby will cost.
Baby cost until first year:
You buy 1 car seat @ $115.00
You buy 1 Legacy Convertible Baby Crib @ $399You buy 12 Zwitsal baby shampoos @ $72.00

You buy 12 Calendula baby lotions @ $78.00.00
You buy 1 crib bedding @ $69.00
You buy 14 Avent bottles @ $65.00
You buy 52 packs of Luvs diapers @ $520.00

You buy 52 packs of name brand baby wipes @ $312.00
You buy 5 blue or pink blankets @ $55.00
You buy 12 months worth of Enfamil formula @ $1152.00
You buy 280 jars/packs of baby food @ $300.00
You pay the childcare center for 220 days childcare @ $11000.00

You buy a Night & Day Bottle Warmer System @ $30.00
You buy a brand name baby monitor @ $69.00
You buy clothes and shoes @ $250.00
You buy a diaper bag @ $40.00
You buy 10 store brand baby cloths @ $18.00
You buy a brand name changing table @ $199.00
You buy 1 high chair/low chair @ $70.00
You buy a Combi Deluxe I-Thru 2-in 1 Stroller @ $197.00
You buy 1 set of various toys @ $150.00
You buy 1 Graco Baby Einstein Swing @ $95.00

You buy 4 Dream Baby Hall Safety Gates @ $316.00

Baby Calculator

Assingment Two: Multicultual outlook on Teenage Prenancy

After the students complete this assignment they will be asked to write a one page paper in response to the conclusion of how much a baby will cost. Also included in the paper will be their assessment on why different ethnic groups have more teenage pregnancies than others. The students will be asked to research the values of different cultures to find meanings behind why more Latino girls get pregnant than say Asian teens. The students can refer to the Three Layers of Culture, and will address certain elements. For example under layer three Religious beliefs. Do religious beliefs have any influence on teenagers getting pregnant?
· We know this can be difficult for some to communicate on paper, so as a teacher you could follow up on a group discussion in class.

Assignment Three: Group Discussion on Culture and Teenage pregnancy.

As stated above this will be a follow up to the paper the students wrote before. Some questions the teacher could ask to relate all pieces into the puzzle. The first questions of the discussion should focus on the basics of teenage pregnancy and then lead into why teens get pregnant.

  1. What do you think about the costs of having a baby?
  2. Who will help you pay for it?
  3. Why is it important for teenagers to wait to have sex?
  4. Society sends mixed messages about sex. How do the media and the entertainment industry influence teenagers’ decisions about sex? Do you wish sex were treated differently in popular television shows and movies? If so, how?
  5. Why do you think teenagers have sex? What are some reasons they don’t use contraception?
  6. Do you think one culture teaches certain things about sex that another culture does not?
  7. What layers of culture do you think has the most influence on a teenage girl getting pregant? (religious beliefs, gendor roles, family history etc.)
  8. Why do you think Latinos and Blacks have the highest teenage pregnancy rate in the United States? Does the culture have any influence over this?
  9. What can we as a community do to educate teenagers on waiting to have a baby?
  10. What are preventions we can take to prevent having a baby?